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Math Is Like Baseball!
by Ellen
January 15, 2010

If you want to hit a home run in education you have to round first base(student), second base(parent) and , third base (teacher).  If you do not touch every base, you are the same as a stranded runner - you don't score.


by Ellen
January 8, 2010

This quote clearly states what math is NOT.  The inference is that math should be active and interactive.  How true that is.  You can study how to ride a bicycle for months.  You don’t really learn how to ride until you get on and try it.  It’s the same with math.  You can look at all of the problems and do the computations from a book, but to truly understand it you have to take the skills and apply them to novel situations.


Introducing MathShapes: GoFigure!
by Ellen
September 21, 2009

Here's a quick note to introduce you to MathShapes: Go Figure! a smart and unique at-home math tutorial program. Go Figure! gives parents everything they need to help their children at home with the math they are learning in school. Each grade level kit provides a year’s worth of material empowering parents and children to see, think, visualize and touch math in their everyday lives! This multi faceted approach to learning provides an understanding of math concepts far beyond traditional computation exercises. When students are given the opportunity to “think mathematically” a whole new world opens, and success in math is inevitable!

The program was developed by me, Ellen Mulligan, and Tracey Knerr, passionate and professional educators in the field of mathematics.  With over 60 years in education, we know that math shapes our world. Math knowledge is critical for success in day to day life, decision making, and the basis for careers from architecture to information technology. 

Every day we balance our checkbooks, cook, buy fuel efficient cars, and use a myriad of technologies that require us to “think mathematically.” Our children will need to be able to do the same. Tracey and I have witnessed the transformational effects of engaged and empowered parents in the process of learning math.  Parents who use Go Figure! share that the program eliminated the need for math tutoring, easily translated their children’s curriculum into the concepts they remembered learning in school and resulted in better math grades. 

Parents and children, who see that math shapes our world, know that Go Figure! is the program to use!


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