.Helping You Help Your Child!

Our motivation for developing MathShapes: go figure! was and is simple — to provide adults with the information they need to help their children. We wanted to create a family-friendly, standards-based program that helps everyone to think, explain, and write mathematically.

Each of our programs contains everything needed for adults and children to work together to understand math. Adults are given a resource book with all of the explanations, vocabulary, and lesson extensions while children receive a fun workbook plus grade-level tools and materials for an entire school year.

We hope to establish an appreciation and understanding of mathematics for both adults and children.

  • Family Friendly
  • Based on National Math Standards
  • Engages Multiple Learning Styles
  • Clear Explanations to Interesting Problems
  • Resource Guides for Adults
  • Resource Guides for Children
  • Materials for an Entire Year
  • More Affordable Than Tutoring